Now for the world to read: “I did not win, I did not lose, but I sure as hell am going to collect.”
The concept of this book is to help America’s children; 50% of book sales support: 


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  • None of us ever meet by chance.  I will leave a mark on all the lives I have been in contact with for good or ill. For it is your own will given to you by the Universal Mind. I am its Observer. You have chosen the hell of your own making. This is why you are on the planet Earth, better known as hell
  • I know the one or two thousand souls who will be saved. I have already met many of you in past lifetimes during my journey. You come from all walks of life, and the fact that we touched each other in some way may give you an idea of why we did meet in the first place.
  • Some of you will be blown away as to who I am. Yes, I look and speak like most of you; but when we do meet again, it may be before the podium. The Elders will judge you. I am the Observer. You will see my nameplate on my desk – TRASK. Some of you will know Hell for an eternity to come. A few will be taken to a higher spiritual plane. At a moment’s notice any of you could come before the podium. Your judgment day is near. It is never too late to make amends.
  • Admired and envied by most, hated by some, taunted by others… I knew you then, you knew me when, you know me now, I remember when….I’m the one you labeled as strange; you’ve called me weird. Many of you fear me because I see the hell of your own making. I see through you and all that you do. Life cannot continually be strife You are to make the best of what you have got; and never express even the thought of ingratitude or ungraciousness, hate or disrespect. You are each other’s brother. For many of you the end is in sight, and it may be this very night.
Jane Noponen Perinacci
logo_adMy granddaughter, 18, stopped over with her friends last night for a visit. I ordered two of the books and she took one home with her. Here is a message that I received from her a short while ago.: I LOVE the book you let me borrow. I got about halfway through last night until I had to stop to sleep. This book describes what I believe in. it's amazing it gives me chills & brought tears to my eyes, made me gasp & oh my goodness I love it"!  How's THAT for a review!


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